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The ProVerb plug-in includes a dynamics section in the top right corner. The wet signal is compressed by this dynamics section.

The dry signal is hard wired to key the side chain of this compressor. The dry signal ducks the tail of the wet signal and if no predelay is used its own immediate wet signal. This allows for a wetter mix.

Compression of the wet signal begins when the dry signal rises above the threshold set by the thres control.

The sensitivity set by the sens control determines how strongly the compressor responds to the dry signal. Think of this loosely as the attack, knee, and release all rolled up into one parameter.

The comp control effectively sets the gain reduction ratio of the wet signal above the threshold.

The EQ section at the bottom of the plug-in is applied only to the wet signal after it has passed through the dynamics section. The EQ section has low and high shelving filters plus two band pass filters with adjustable Q's. This makes it convenient to apply the Abbey Road Studios' reverb trick of band passing the wet signal from 600 to 6,000 Hz and perhaps adding a dip or two within that range to increase intelligibility of the mix.

The input gain control sets the level of the dry signal sent to the convolution unit. The output gain control sets the return level from the convolution unit. The level meter displays loudness and peak for both in and out levels. The in level is determined by the input gain setting. But the out level is determined by the combination of output gain and mix settings. It is normal for the out peak level to be considerably higher than its loudness level since the tail is decaying.

The mix control in the top section allows ProVerb to be used at 100% in an FX return track or at less than 100% when in line with the main signal path. This assumes the mix control is operating in the 3 dB cross-fader mode.

The mix control can operate in one of four modes which can be selected from the pull down menu.

  • 3 dB cross-fader: dry - wet loudness balance
  • 6 dB cross-fader: dry - wet amplitude balance
  • Effect gain: 0 - 100%, dry level is held constant at 100%
  • Dry gain: 0 - 100%, wet level is held constant at 100%

The effect of the length control can be seen in the impulse display pane. The numeric length is specified in the bottom right of the display pane.

The width control doesn't appear on the mono to mono version of the plug-in obviously.

The impulse response menu allows selection of a factory or user supplied IR file. The ProVerb plug-in comes in mono, stereo, and surround versions. But only the IR files corresponding to the channel configuration will be listed.

A user supplied IR file can be dragged and dropped onto the waveform display. DP will prompt for the location to save the file. A folder containing IR files can also be dragged and dropped in the same fashion.

The predelay control sets the time delay of the first reflections.

The damping control sets the level of high frequency absorption in the wet signal.

The length, predelay, and damping controls cannot be automated because any changes in these controls causes the IR to be reloaded.

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