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Chord track

Chord track

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Every song has a Chord track that is predefined and cannot be removed.



The Chord track is visible only when the Chord track icon is enabled.


The Chord track contains chord events that outline the song's harmony.


When the "Follow" icon is enabled, any audio or instrument track following the Chord track will be transposed according to the target chord events in the Chord track.



A track is made to follow the Chord track when its "Follow chords" property is set to a value other than "Off."


The Chord track icon appears in the lower left corner of any audio event or MIDI part currently following the Chord track.

If the "Follow" icon in Chord track header is disabled, this icon will disappear.

If the "Follow chords" property of the track containing the audio event or MIDI part is set to "Off", this icon will disappear.


Chord events can be drawn into the Chord track lane with the paint tool or by double clicking with the arrow tool in a blank area of the lane.


Chords events can be cut, copied, pasted, and resized like any other event.


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